Discover how to transform teams 

Teams are a reality of organizational life. How people relate to one another in the integration of task/social and emotional activities is the core issue if teams are to be effective. This Model is designed to explore the basic dynamics of group problem solving and to examine some of the common pitfalls characterizing groups that perform poorly. More important, a fail-safe alternative to such pitfalls is presented in the form of an in-depth blueprint for managing Commitment, Conflict, Creativity, and Consensus - the "Four Cs" of creative group problem solving.

This module delivers the following benefits:

  • Experience the power of consensus decision-making
  • Discover the "best" way to lead for creativity
  • To provide an opportunity for the assessment and critique of individual contributions to team action.
  • To explore the efficacy of individual as compared to group productivity in the making of decisions
  • To experiment with the consensus technique of group functioning