TeamLMI's process uses a unique game approach to engage teams and build better business plans

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Our Strategic Knowledge Mapping (SKM) approach uses a scientifically proven approach to build a business road-map. Imagine building a clear shared vision and using it to set priorities for your team--a map that shows everyone where you want to go and how to get there.

Typical plans are so yesterday… TeamLMI brings a fresh, innovative and scientifically proven approach to creating a road-map to guide your organization. We use a simple game-like approach to get fresh ideas and thinking from your key people. A scoring method allows the best ideas, important issues and key relationships to emerge organically. From this map, your team can make clear strategic decisions on priorities for the coming year.

  • Game approach engages the entire team in a fun, collaborative workshop
  • Faster way to draw out and evaluate fresh thinking and new ideas
  • Create a high quality map of your vision and strategic priorities using simple rules and scoring
  • Proven science-based way to give your organization an edge over your competition
  • More quickly make sense of complex ideas and challenges


It feels like fun, but delivers important benefits to your business:

  • Business Map: Development of a clear shared understanding of the business with a map showing where you are going
  • Clear Goals: Identification and implementation of strategic goals necessary for success
  • Performance Measures: Clear financial and non-financial measures of performance that the entire team can understand and use.
  • Improved Teamwork: The enhancement of your company's management effectiveness by creating specific, shared purpose and improved teamwork.
  • Accountability and Results: The training of the participants in the use of a proven, strategy-based management methodology which can serve the company as an effective, ongoing, management process.

Why strategy matters

Strategic Planning 3.0 Whitepaper

Every leader has a sense of purpose — an inner drive to support the success of the mission — whether it is a non-profit, community collaboration, or private firm. A good leader also has a sense of adventure, balanced by sound judgment. To be successful, a leader needs a good “map.” A map is a critical tool to help a business leader find out:

  • Where she is (the business environment)
  • Where she is trying to go (goals and objectives)
  • How best to get there (what action is required)
  • How to avoid dangerous terrain (what market activities might be predicted) 

Without a good map, the firm may be led into a quagmire — or worse...  

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