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TeamLMI offers complete solutions for talent management based on sound practices and the latest research in organizational psychology.  

While you may not care about the details, our focus on evidence and scientific methods of psychology ensures that you have the best possible solution to your people needs.   Focused on ensuring that you have the right people, at the right time.


Why Testing Matters

A recent McKinsey & Company study noted, “A” performers are 50-100% more productive than “C” performers. So, how does an employer identify potential “A” performers? By using a structured selection process...

The information that managers want...

  • Violent/Bizarre Behavior - 54%
  • Personality Traits - 52%
  • Work Habits - 48%
  • Reason for leaving previous employer - 44%
  • People skills - 43%
  • Overall Impression - 35%
  • Special skills - 34%
  • Salary History - 30%

*Society for Human Resource Management Survey of 1,331 Personnel Managers

Why Personality Matters

Workplace safety is a critical issue, especially as the costs of workers' compensation insurance soars.  Hiring better people can help you reduce these costs.

 Personality is also a critical part of the talent equation.  The line between strength and weakness is not always clear.