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Whether calling it hiring or recruiting, we bet you are like most leaders and are very busy with your day job.  Hiring the best people is critical, but also time consuming, sometimes baffling and requires a special skillset.  Some studies show that as few as 1% of applicants are actually qualified and up to 44% misrepresent themselves in key areas during the application process.  How do you hire the right people?

At TeamLMI, we understand the challenge of recruiting people and can provide an effective and legal hiring solution.  Our approach saves time and helps you find great talent.

Take a look at our options below and then let's talk about finding you some great people...

  • Silver Plan

    Expert support, testing and better visibility
    Job description and ad copy Premium advertising on 100+ job boards Candidate screening and assessment testing Custom interview scripts and support
  • Gold Plan

    Premium support with maximum exposure
    Silver features plus... Daily candidate screening and updates LinkedIn premium job promotion TeamLMI RefCheck© System & TeamLMI candidate phone screens
  • 1

5 hidden costs of bad hires

Hiring process

Our hiring process saves you time and ensures you select the best candidate.  We can help with some or all of the following depending on your needs:

  • Clearly define the role and requirements for the position, as well as understand your company culture
  • Write a clear job description to ensure that everyone is on the same page
  • Develop and provide traditional advertising, as well as actively search for qualified candidates who may not be looking for a job using traditional job boards
  • Manage the initial candidate screening, so you only spend time on qualified candidates
  • Conduct an effective phone screening with qualified candidates
  • Conduct valid and reliable candidate assessment testing, such as in critical thinking skills and personality
  • Provide support for effective and structured interviews of candidates
  • Reference checking support
  • Effective onboarding and developmental training to ensure your new hire becomes comfortable and productive as quickly as possible.

Note that our level of services vary based on the recruiting package selected, so some of the above are not included in all packages.  We give you the choice what to include based on your needs and ability.  Our recruiting and selection process should be part of an overall talent management process.