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Retained Search and
Recruitment Placement Outsourcing Solutions

We bet you are like most leaders and are very busy with your day job.  Hiring the best people is critical, but also time-consuming, sometimes baffling and requires a special skillset.  Studies show that as few as 1% of applicants are actually qualified and up to 44% misrepresent themselves in key areas during the application process.  How do you hire the right people?

Our approach is highly collaborative and focused on hiring qualified people who also fit your culture and the vision for your organization.  We like to understand our clients and how each hire fits into your larger plans for the future.  We know that our integrated approach improves selection, onboarding, and long term success for you and your team.

At TeamLMI, we understand the challenge of managing talent and can provide an effective and legal hiring solution.  Our approach saves time and helps you find great people.


Expert support and enhanced visibility to find the best people and save time

Features Included
Job analysis to clearly define the role
TeamLMI RefCheck© expert reference checking system
Expert candidate application screening
Job specific competency testing and assessments*
Social media screening 
Weekly status report to keep everyone informed
Expert phone screening of candidates
Hiring manager interview training and question development
Advertising and premium placement on job boards
LinkedIn premium candidate search for candidates
Compensation and offer recommendations
Lower cost than traditional recruiters


*Expert selection of job specific competency assessments for your position

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5 hidden costs of bad hires

Why Testing Matters

A recent McKinsey & Company study noted, “A” performers are 50-100% more productive than “C” performers. So, how does an employer identify potential “A” performers? By using a structured selection process with assessment testing, you can significantly reduce the risk of a bad hire.  

The information that managers want...

  • Violent/Bizarre Behavior - 54%
  • Personality Traits - 52%
  • Work Habits - 48%
  • Reason for leaving previous employer - 44%
  • People skills - 43%
  • Overall Impression - 35%
  • Special skills - 34%
  • Salary History - 30%

*Society for Human Resource Management Survey of 1,331 Personnel Managers

Hiring Example

  • TeamLMI conducts a job analysis with client and writes clear job description for the position
  • TeamLMI writes the job advertisement publishes on major job boards and social media to maximize awareness of the opening 
  • 985 interested candidates read the ad
  • 91 job candidates applied and were screened by TeamLMI for basic qualifications
  • 17 candidates met basic qualifications and completed follow-up by TeamLMI
  • Only 7 qualified candidates were interviewed
  • 1 top candidate hired

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