Confidence, Vision and Action.

TeamLMI coaching solutions help optimize performance for high-potential individuals, leaders, teams and create a coaching culture in your organization.  Our approach uses the latest research from areas such as transformational leadership, positive psychology and emotional intelligence to provide objective feedback and proven solutions.

TeamLMI works to align your needs with the best possible solutions.

  • Coaching Individual Leaders
  • Coaching Teams & Teambuilding
  • Creating Coaching Cultures

life-balanceLeaders have significant influence on the behavior and decisions of people on whom they rely for organizational performance. We provide leadership coaching to individuals whose "intention" is to enhance their own sense of competence, identity and effectiveness and whose "intention" is to incorporate coaching into their role as a leader responsible for developing and achieving results through others.

TeamLMI can quickly identify key challenges, maximize effectiveness and help individuals reach their full potential. We are passionate about helping people achieve exceptional levels of performance. Our goal is to ensure you achieve the "slight edge" that sets you apart from the competition and support you as you accomplish extraordinary levels of excellence.

Coaching is often supported by assessment tools (e.g. multi-rater/360-degree feedback, personality measures and structured dialogue) which help develop self awareness and support the individual in their intentional change process.  A coaching program design will vary depending on the nature of change that is desired and the degree of personal development.  Sessions can be in-person, over the telephone or web conference (e.g. Skype) to provide flexibility for busy executives. 

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coaching-teamsCoaching solutions for Boards, Leadership Teams, Employee Teams, and Project Teams support the delivery of critical outcomes and provide significant team development.  For instance, coaching can be a very effective way to provide support for newly organized teams or helping boards to bring on new members more effectively.

  • Building Trust
  • Learning to have productive conflict
  • Agreement on goals, strategies and activities
  • Peer accountability
  • Focus on group results
  • DISC workshops
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For many organizations creating a coaching culture is becoming a fundamental part of  the company’s human resource and talent management strategy.

For many organizations creating a coaching culture is becoming a fundamental part of the company’s human resource and talent management strategy. TeamLMI offers advice and support to organizations interested in developing an effective coaching culture and can assist executives and key employees build better communication and motivation skills, to empower a team.  

TeamLMI uses the latest research and thinking in the field to provide a proven approach. For those willing to embark on this journey the rewards can be great when successfully integrated into the fabric of the organization and its' strategic plan.

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