Run your practice and let us find your talent

If you are like most of our clients, the number one issue for your firm is finding the right talent.  We can help and you may be surprised at our reasonable pricing.

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For 10 years, we have specialized in hiring services for firms like yours. Importantly, TeamLMI’s unique process uses the science of hiring by integrating the Internet, assessment tools and interview skills to select the best candidates.

Great people are transformational to a firm and we love helping you find the best.

Our service features:

  • Understand the job: Development of a thorough understanding of the position and work environment using job analysis to ensure that we can identify the qualified applicants and help you select the best person
  • Advertising: Write and post a great ad on leading professional career sites with visibility to thousands of applicants.  We utilize both passive and active methods to find the largest pool of candidates
  • Screening: Applicants are reviewed by us so that you spend time with only the most qualified candidates
  • Assessment: Perform assessments to measure key aspects, such as personality style and critical thinking skills to ensure overall applicant fit with both the position and your firm’s culture
  • Verify candidate: Provide support for reference and background checking so that your decision is completely informed
  • Onboarding: Give your new employee the best best chance to succeed. We can help you with effective onboarding and developmental training to ensure your new hire becomes comfortable and productive as quickly as possible.

With our competitors, fees can be tens of thousand dollars per position and leaving you with most of the work. Additionally, recruiters cannot match us when it comes to our use of Psychological science and cutting edge technology to find the best employee.

  • Silver Plan

    Expert support, testing and better visibility
    Job description and ad copy Premium advertising on 100+ job boards Candidate screening and assessment testing Custom interview scripts and support
  • Gold Plan

    Premium support with maximum exposure
    Silver features plus... Daily candidate screening and updates LinkedIn premium job promotion TeamLMI RefCheck© System & TeamLMI candidate phone screens
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5 hidden costs of bad hires

Why Personality Testing?

Workplace safety is a critical issue, especially as the costs of workers' compensation insurance soars.  Hiring better people can help you reduce these costs.

 Personality is also a critical part of the talent equation.  The line between strength and weakness is not always clear.