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TeamLMI is focused on improving results, building value and enhancing the lives of people in your organization. We do this by building shared vision, effective leadership, and productive teams.

We bring highly experienced professionals with a mission to improve performance over time while reducing risk by applying the science of organizational psychology in effective and practical ways. Our clients cover a broad spectrum including family business, corporations, non-profit organizations, government and educational institutions. Funny thing--we find good leadership practices are usually universal.


Leadership Development

Proven, Evidence-based Model

Our results focused, evidence based approach uses a framework for sensible and coherent development in organizations by emphasizing effective leadership and building healthy organizational cultures. This provides a complete and progressive model for both development and orderly succession.  

The Achieving Leader Study definitively shows the common behavioral characteristics that the top achieving leaders employ to set them apart from their lesser achieving colleagues. These leaders were most highly valued by their respective companies and were promoted faster and given the most responsibility for managing their organization's assets and people.

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CherriesRecruiting and Hiring

Don't settle for second rate talent...

Like most organizations, you are busy with customers and focused on your business.  Hiring good people is critical, but also time consuming.  Studies show that as few as 1% of applicants are qualified and up to 44% misrepresent themselves in key areas during the application process.  How do you hire the right people?

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Business Planning

Achieve your objectives while improving team effectiveness

Planning done well builds teamwork, trust and keeps you on track. Whether the need is for an organizational strategy, departmental planning or an important project, our approach builds shared vision and commitment, develops skills, measures progress, and delivers desired outcomes.  

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  • Coaching Individual Leaders

    Leaders have significant influence on the behavior and decisions of people on whom they rely for organizational performance. We provide leadership coaching to individuals whose "intention" is to enhance their own sense of competence, identity and effectiveness and whose "intention"
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  • Coaching Teams

    Coaching solutions for Boards, Leadership Teams and Project Teams support the delivery of critical outcomes and provide significant team development.  For instance, coaching can be a very effective way to provide support for newly organized teams or helping boards to
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  • Coaching HR Professionals

    HR professionals are often the champion of organizational culture and responsible for the development and implementation of an organization’s people strategies.  They are required to ensure efficient and effective organizational people practices.  HR professionals are responsible for giving strategic input
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  • Creating Coaching Cultures

    For many organizations creating a coaching culture is becoming a fundamental part of  the company’s human resource and talent management strategy. For many organizations creating a coaching culture is becoming a fundamental part of the company’s human resource and talent management strategy. TeamLMI
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